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My Masterwork

Occasionally I will lament that I have never made a career out of my writing, in spite of a rock-solid determination at the age of eight that it was the keystone of my future life. My ex-wife, parents and many friends over the years have tried unsuccessfully to shove me into any number of writing-related careers-- journalist, advertising, criticism (shudder) with no success. I don't want to write just anything, I want to write what I like, what makes me happy.
And while some aspects of my dog-walking gig are not very glamorous or even dignified, I do get to write daily notes to most of my clients. Some people just want a string of numbers and letters (D: #1, B: #1 & #2), others don't want notes at all, but I am lucky to have a couple of clients with the supreme good taste and humor to let me "do my thing." To wit--

"Mistah B" was princely in his deportment today, bestowing his grace upon stone and tree alike. He also did a number two. See you Tuesday!"
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