Gojira no Chimpira (infanttyrone) wrote,
Gojira no Chimpira

Another Bizzaro Me

So tonight's overheard bar conversation was lifted from the group who dominated the place all night. Between playing the standard 80's retro butt-rock and taking lots and lots of photos of each other dancing and lip-synching to said BR, two women and two men had a gossipy conversation about an absent friend, at a really unnecessary volume, about five feet away from me.
Apparently this absent friend broke his back a couple of years ago. Since then, he's become a junkie who stays at home all the time, and cuts his own hair. He also no longer cares much about anything, and has some shitty service-industry job which relegates him to a lower social strata than his friends. The tone of this conversation was about %35 "that poor guy, we all miss him" and %65 "what a hilarious loser who invites our ridicule!"
And then they all sang along to "Killer Queen" and acted it out, and took pictures of each other acting it out.
I'm glad their friend escaped.
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