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Doctor Memory

Ever have one of those days where every train of thought that you board seems destined to take you express to some source of deep and burning embarrassment from your past? I woke up remembering something terrible I did when I was eight, so I tried to switch topics by thinking of what a nice time I had when I went home over the summer-- and remembered when an old friend I hadn't seen in at least a decade approached me at a party and I loudly declared to everyone hey look, ______ _______ is here, when it was in fact a totally different old friend to whom the years have not been kind, who turned around and left. Shuddering, I tried to think of something entirely different, I know, the apartment! and found myself thinking of past roommates whom I no longer speak to because of various petty duplicities or politicking. I can't win today.

(Note how I didn't make the title of this post into some chintzy play off the word "land mine/d" as in "wandering in the mindfield". I have too much respect for you all to do that. You have better taste. Your welcome.)

(God, now I totally regret this whole post.)
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