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The Greatest Swordsman in the Periphery

My hair was starting to get kind of tangly, so before my shower this morning I broke out the clippers and reinstated some discipline on my high & tight. (It wouldn't pass muster in the actual service, since it's kind of shaggy around the front & sides.) This is the haircut I've been giving myself for years now, but I've got to be a lot more vigilant that it doesn't get too long, because then it could be mistaken for the Steve Bartman of haircuts, the "fauxhawk".
Now that my beard and mustache are growing out too, I'm finally within sight of one of my ridiculous goals. In my teen years, I wanted more than anything to look like Daniel Ash of Bauhaus. But eventually I learned that kind of hair-height doesn't come cheap. And even in my misguided goth years I was lazy about my appearance, so I gave that up. There was about a month where I was enamored with the skinhead aesthetic (it should go without saying that I'm talking about the look of two-tone, not the racist dickheads,) the simplicity of the jeans and jackets and boots appealed to my burgeoning puritanical side. This was the first real cropping of my hair, and it hasn't gone long since.
But the combination I'm working now, of unruly beard & 'stache, plus the short utilitarian hair is getting me closer than ever to my preferred look of the day: master swordsman and all-around wise guy Master Yupa from Hayao Miyazaki's "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind".
Girls go crazy for guys who base their aesthetic off comic book characters, right?
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