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So while walking around a corner today with a dog, I got smacked in the face by a heavy rope dangling from the 20th floor of a high-rise. The high winds off the lake were blowing it around pretty fast, and the crew that was using the little suspended cart thing had apparently just split for lunch or something. It happened just as I had turned a corner and I thought someone had hit me in the face with a broomstick. Busted my glasses right good. I had to search around half-blindly in the loading area for the lenses.
So obviously I'm de-biked for a while-- which stinks since I just had it in the shop yesterday for bearing and tube problems (three destroyed inner-tubes in two weeks, I finally bought me onna them 'thorn-proof' ones.) For a while, I thought I could ride without them, until I realized I couldn't hardly see 30 feet in front of me. (I've got whatever that thing is where the one eye isn't quite a sphere, is that a stigmatism? Or astigmatism? Anyway. I don't look like Marty Feldman or anything.) So I'm sorta pissed off.
I am also pissed off because I had planned on going to see "No Country for Old Men" after I finished with my dogs today. Sure, I still could have gone, but I could have saved $20 and lay in my closet and played the beam of a flashlight across the bottom of my shirts, and had about the same narrative experience.
There are some authors, musicians, cartoonists and filmmakers who could crap in a bucket and write/play/draw or film it, and I would gush and rush to take part. I'm aware of that, and that I'm less than critical about those creators. But there are other people who do some stuff I really dig, and some stuff I'm indifferent to, or outright dislike. Both the Coen brothers and Cormac McCarthy fit into that latter category, and to be honest that makes me more interested in their projects. (For example, there was no question that I would fall deeply in love with the newest Pynchon novel, but when Stephen King drops a new one, I'm more curious because it's easier for me to believe it could be good...or total crap.)
So I was pretty excited to see that movie. And I still could have gone and used the soundtrack to translate what was happening (...dark screen, faint shapes moving, conversation...silence...dark screen turns brightly orange-yellow, the sound of an explosion...did the sund just rise really dramatically?)
And I have to lean way in to see the computer screen now too. Draaaaag. So I apologize if there's any huge errors in this post. Now lets see how well I can check IDs.
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