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Deja Vu All Over Again

It's been nearly a year since I had my little train-excursion out west, which was all great fun and ended with me falling into the Pacific Ocean and befouling a good friend's couch with sand and sea water. And now here I am again. I don't have nearly the same amount of money that I had last time, but I think I could cook up a nice little trip somewhere. But as this is my kind of vacation, what I'm looking for is solitude, quiet and isolation. Initially I decided I would do the Empire Builder (train from Chicago to Seattle) again, but after I paid all the outstanding bills and rents and stuff I discovered that I would barely have enough for a flight back, not even considering hotel and extras. So now I'm looking for something cheaper, probably closer, and last-minute. And if nothing appears I am quite seriously considering getting a motel room in like, Milwalkee until December 1st and going to ground.
Tomorrow I go to have turkey with the moms. I leave them Saturday, and between the time I wave goodbye to them and the time I need to pick up my dogs on 12/3, I've got nothing. So tomorrow I'm going to switch back over to my travel alter ego.

In unrelated news, it is so foul and windy outside my third-floor apartment in this brick building is creaking and rattling like a tar-paper cabin in the woods. I'm a little concerned about the big window in front of my desk which is making some downright sinister noises, and a little while ago I was sure that I could actually feel the building moving in the wind.
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